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Minleon L.E.D. Cascading Light Tubes


Create Awesome Displays with Minleon LED Cascading Light Tubes!

Cascading Light Tubes Create a Beautiful Falling Light Effect!


Minleon LED Cascading Light Tube Power Cord

  Cascading LED Light Tube Features:

Multiple size spacer wires allow for greater versatility when hanging tubes at varying heights in trees
Connect up to 200 tubes end to end
Can be viewed from all sides
Random drops when multiple tubes are connected
Different drop speeds between each cycle
Adapter plug required for cascading light tubes
6 coaxial male and female plug ends (12 spacing when 2 tubes are plugged together), use spacer wire(s) to increase distance between tubes
Available in 12 inch, 24 inch , or 36 inch tube lengths
Connect different tube lengths and/or colors for different looks

Minleon LED Cascading Light Tube Power Cord Item Sku: 50100-LT

Minleon LED Cascading Light Tube Power Cord

Connect up to 200 LED Cascading Light tubes with one power cord. Power cord plugs into standard outlet (or extension cord). Power cord is required to plug light tube display into standard outlet. 5 length. Two-pin plug and female lead wire. 16 gauge wire. Price break for purchasing 10 or more.

Buy Quantity and Save!
1-9 Cords $10.00 each
10+ Cords $9.00 each

Create an awe-inspiring display with Minleon LED Cascading Light Tubes! Each tube has coaxial-type female and male plug ends (adapter required), each end with a 6 lead wire. When 2 tubes are connected, there is 12 spacing between tubes. An adapter is required to plug tube(s) into a standard outlet. Use adapter #50100-LT for connecting up to 200 tubes to one standard outlet or extension cord. The tubes are end-to-end connectable (coaxial plugs). To increase the distance between tubes, use spacer wires (spacer wires optional-not required for tube light functioning). Cascading LED Light Tubes are guaranteed to be free of manufacturers defects for 1 year from date of purchase. This guarantee excludes damage resulting from accident, alteration, or misuse of the product. The warranty is null and void if the product is used or installed in a manner other than the manufacturer guidelines and recommendations. Product that has been cut or altered in any way is not eligible for warranty. The warranty applies to product only and does not relate to costs incurred for shipping fees or labor related fees for installation or removal of product.
- Tube power draw is 45 to 50mA per tube
- Tube Specifications: 130V with (E17) C9 base