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Minleon C7 L.E.D. Retrofit Bulb Red/Green Change

Item Sku: LEDC7RG

Indoor/Outdoor Use. Contractors Grade C7 LED faceted retrofit bulb. Color pulses from Red to Green. Retrofit bulb screws into standard C7 (E12 Candelabra) socket. 1 LED per bulb; Non-Dimmable. UL listed to connect up to 400 bulbs. Approximate height of bulb is 1 1/4", Overall height of bulb (including socket) is approximately 2". Single bulb price, or buy quantity and save. .96 Watts. 120v. .008Amps.

Note: You can manually edit the quantities before you Add to Cart; default quantities are set to minimum. Minimum order is 12 single bulbs of any one style or color.

Single Bulb $2.78 (per bulb)
500-999 Bulbs $1.90 (per bulb)
1000+ Bulbs $1.58 (per bulb)


Pack of 25 Bulbs $64.50 (per pack)

Retrofit Warranty and Lumens Information

Minleon LED C7 retrofit bulbs come in a variety of colors, and screw into any standard C7, or candelabra, socket. This patented design is waterproof, long lasting, and the LED's are protected by hard acrylic plastic (rather than breakable glass, like regular incandescent bulbs), making them extremely durable. Save 80-90% in electricity over a regular C7 bulb, and since LED's produce almost no heat, the bulbs are cool to the touch, and have greatly reduced the fire hazards often associated with Christmas tree lights. Our C7 bulbs have 3 Light Emitting Diodes per bulb in all the standard colors, and 1 Light Emitting Diode per bulb in the color-changing varieties. UL listed to string up to 400 bulbs in one run.

Our bulk cord and slide on plug ends make it easy for you to create your own string of LED lights, and easy to replace any burned out LED bulbs in the years to come. You can also remove the bulbs from your old incandescent light string and replace them all with LED retrofit bulbs instead. Note: You must NOT mix LED bulbs with incandescent bulbs on the same string, or plugged end-to-end. Minleon's C7 LED retrofit bulbs screw into a C7 base, sometimes referred to as "standard", "candelabra" or "E12" base.

LED bulbs CAN NOT be mixed with incandescent bulbs.
Dimmable retrofit bulbs may be available upon request.

Create your own LED light string with Minleon C7 retrofit LED bulbs, C7 cord in either white or green, and finish the cord ends with a slide-on male plug and slide-on female end connector. Very easy!

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