Christmas Lights

GKI Bethlehem Heavy Duty Clear Miniature Christmas Lights on White Cord

Item Sku: 100039009

Set of 100. Heavy Duty Commercial Grade. UL Listed Indoor/ Outdoor use. External lamp locking design prevents loose connections, and twist proof bulbs eliminate misaligned wire contacts. 5 volt/150ma bulbs with 3000+ hour burn time. Heavier 20-gauge wire allows up to six sets to be connected end-to-end or piggyback. Spacing 5.5 inch between lamps, 5.5 inch tail, and 5.5 inch lead. 46 foot overall length. "50% brighter than average incandescent mini light". Heavy Duty mini light bulbs are slightly larger than regular mini lights. Overall length of base and bulb is 1.875 inches, diameter of the base is .44 inches.
Includes spare bulbs and fuse.
Uses replacement bulb 100513150