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Mapleton...Siuslaw River Low Tide

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At low tide the Siuslaw River presents a beautiful mirror like reflection. When the tide is up and the Winter rains come, the scene can be a different story. The high water mark can cover the streets and threaten the town's buildings. But the tide goes out and the rains stop and it's business as usual in the cafe's and shops that front Highway 126. Mapleton was named by "Grandma" Bean because of the many Oregon Big Leaf Maples in the area. A post office called Seaton was established near this location in 1885, with William W. Neely the postmaster. Mrs. Bean became postmaster in 1889 and the name of the post office was changed to Mapleton in 1896. Mapleton is located 47 miles West of Eugene, Oregon and 14 miles East of Florence, Oregon on Hwighway 126.
5" x 7" Card with Envelope