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Thistledown Farm in Wheat

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Located on River Road 3 miles North of Eugene, Oregon, Thistledown Farm has gone through many changes since it's early beginnings over 100 years ago. Louis Vitus made the original lamd claim in the early 1800's by staking out it's boundaries in a boat drawn by horses...the land was flooded at the time. Thistledown has supported many families over the years. It has grown wheat, clover, been a pasture for horses, dairy and beef cattle, and until the hard freeze of 1972 which killed 400 walnut trees, it produced up to 60 tons of dried walnuts yearly. The farm was purchased in 1981 by it's present owners, Randy and Pam Henderson, who with their sons Justin, Ryan and Jared, have put their long hours and energy to create one of Oregon's most popular fresh produce and flower markets. The Henderson family resides in the 100 year old Victorian style farmhouse that was built on the property in 1898. The farm's 210 acres is presently planted in more than 10,000 peach, apple, cherry and filbert trees, as well as sweet corn, a variety of vegetables, pumpkins and flowers which are offered for sale in the Big Red Barn. Eight greenhouses provide over 30,000 sq. ft. of space for starting vegetables, perennials and flowers. Visited by thousands of people each year, Louis Vitus would be amazed to see his land claim today! Open daily 9 to 6 Mid-April through Halloween.
5" x 7" Card with Envelope