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Nativities from El Salvador

El Salvador Nativity

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Nativities from El Salvador

El Salvador, which means "the Savior" in Spanish, is a coastal country in Central America. The smallest country in Central America, El Salvador shares its borders with Guatemala and Honduras. Ninety-five percent of the population has a mixed Spanish and Native American heritage. Spanish is the predominant and national language; small groups of indigenous peoples speak Nahua. Crops of coffee, corn, rice and beans can be found in the highlands, while sugarcane plantations can be found along the coast. Seventy-five percent of El Salvador’s population is Roman Catholic and 20 percent is Protestant. Throughout the 1980s, the people of El Salvador fought a bitter civil war. A permanent cease-fire took effect in February 1992, and El Salvador celebrated its first post-war general elections in March 1994. The 1992 peace agreements laid the foundation for a new democratic society in El Salvador and currently El Salvador is relatively peaceful. Today El Salvadorans are hopeful for a peaceful and brighter future. On January 13, 2001, the people of El Salvador experienced a major earthquake that created wide-spread damage in the regions surrounding San Salvador. More than 3,000 aftershocks were felt throughout the country.