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Haiti Nativity

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Nativity Coconut Hut Item Sku: 31920

Nativity Coconut Hut

Made with Coconut
Made in Haiti

Materials Coconut
Multi Color, Coconut
6" L x 5" H Hut
Tallest Figure 2 1/2"



Nativities from Haiti

Haiti, located in the Caribbean Sea just east of Jamaica, shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. With 70 percent of its seven million people unemployed, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Although 80 percent of Haitiís population is Catholic and 16 percent Protestant, nearly 50 percent of the people also practice Voodoo. A blend of traditional African beliefs and Catholicism, Voodoo is a deeply spiritual religion with traces of similarity to Nigeriaís Yoruba faith. Rice and beans are a common Haitian dish although many people enjoy dishes flavored with piman zwazo, (small, hot pimentos) and garlic. Haitians love to dance and enjoy the Meringue, the national dance, as well as disco and reggae. Soccer is a popular sport; boys and girls learn to play at an early age.

Since declaring its independence from the French in 1804, Haiti has struggled with increasing exploitation and corruption within the government.