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Bright Circles Nativity Set Item Sku: 5406270

Bright Circles Nativity Set

Bright nativity figures in Vietnamese hats are shaped from circles of recycled newsprint. The Holy Family, two sheep and an angel celebrate “good news to all people.” Adapted from a traditional basket-making technique, this set is made using recycled magazines and posters discarded from a printing company. Artisans working with Mai Handicrafts in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, form paper into flat strips, dip them in a glue mixture and hang them to dry. After this they re-wet strips and coil them into a bowl form. The strips are held together with glue, forming sturdy figures.
Set of 5, Approx. 4”H
Made in Vietnam
Nativities from Vietnam

Vietnam is a coastal country in East Asia, with China to the north and Laos and Cambodia to the west. Ši au day? This popular Vietnamese greeting, which means "Where are you going?" is often used among friends. Chopsticks and rice bowls are commonly used for Vietnamese meal times; white rice is served with every meal. Most of the Vietnamese population engages in farming rice, the major crop. Textile manufacturing, food production and mining are also major economic activities.
Vietnam continues to rebuild its international standing after having fought several wars within recent decades. During the 1960s and 1970s, the United States spent 150 billion dollars in Vietnam, destroying 70 percent of the northern villages and leaving barren 10 million hectares of productive land. Vietnam went to war against Cambodia in 1979. No sooner had they overthrown the Cambodian regime than China invaded Vietnam. The Vietnamese once again proved victorious after several million dollars in damage and a high toll of human lives.
The absence of substantial aid and trade from western nations pushed Vietnam to establish relations with China. However, in August 1990, for the first time since 1975, direct negotiations began between Vietnam and the United States. When the United States lifted the 30-year U.S. trade embargo in February 1995, it was a symbol of Vietnam's emergence from years of war and isolation.
Vietnamese artisans are different than most of the artisans with whom Ten Thousand Villages works in one important aspect. The Socialist Government of Vietnam is heavily involved in all aspects of the economic activities in Vietnam. Therefore, Ten Thousand Villages deals with government representatives who oversee the work of local artisans.
Mennonite Central Committee in Vietnam works to help people break out of their isolation and accept the hand of friendship and peace.