Legend of Zelda Holiday Mug 12 oz.

Item Sku: LINK-M


Winter has come to the land of Hyrule, and - don't worry, Link - it's not because of anything Ganon did this time. So you can relax, enjoy a snowball fight against the Gorons (if you can handle the big ol' snowballs they can throw), have sled races with Yeto and Yeta, play some Snowball Bowling at Pondo's Lodge, and go skating on the frozen surface of Hylia. But make sure that you don't spend too much time out in the cold and avoid any Ice Keese, lest you turn into a frozen Link-sicle!

Head inside and warm up with a nice mug of your favorite potion! This mug brings in the holiday cheer with a festive Fair Isle sweater pattern featuring Rupees around the bottom and an 8-bit Link holding up a Triforce piece (we guess that's what he found wrapped up under the tree this year!). It's microwave safe, you can warm up your drink to the perfect temperature to restore all of your hearts.

Product Specifications
Legend of Zelda Holiday Mug
Officially-licensed Nintendo merchandise
Ceramic mug featuring a festive Legend of Zelda holiday sweater design
100% recyclable
Capacity: 12 oz.
Materials: Ceramic
Care Instructions: Suitable for microwave and dishwasher use