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Father Frost Gift Giver by Pipka

Father Frost Gift Giver by Pipka Item Sku: 10161FF

Father Frost Gift Giver by Pipka

Introduced in 2011,

In some Slavic cultures, the traditional character if Father Frost or Ded Moroz, who plays a role similar to that of Santa Claus. The literal translation of the name would be Grandfather Frost, although the name is often translated as Father Frost. He brings presents to children, often in person at the celebrations of the New Year and holiday season. Father Frost is commonly accompanied by Snegurochka, Snow Maiden. This is his granddaughter. The traditional appearance of Father Frost has a resemblance to that of Santa Claus, with his coat, boots and long white beard. He wears a heel-long fur coat and high boots and carries a long magical staff as he walks from town to town.


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