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Irish Christmas Santa Ornament

Irish Christmas Santa Ornament Item Sku: 11485

Irish Christmas Santa Ornament

Open Edition
cold-cast resin
The Irish Christmas Santa carries a very special Christmas sign reminiscent of the beautiful old ironwork signs that prevail in Ireland, which reads, “Nollaig Shona Duit”, and means “Happy Christmas Day”’ the most common Christmas greeting. A cape to ward off blustery Irish winds keeps warm as does his cable knit Irish sweater. In Santa’s sack we find some Irish goodies; lucky coins, fishing boat, a large shamrock, jar of orange marmalade, book of Irish proverbs and a sheep rocker. Santa stands before Irish stone fences which are prevalent all around the countryside. This jolly Irish man, with a twinkle in his eyes, will make sure that everyone has a “Nollaig Sona Duit.”
4" Height

Discontinued, No Longer Available to Purchase