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Polish Father Christmas by Pipka

Polish Father Christmas by Pipka Item Sku: 7121201

Polish Father Christmas by Pipka

Limited Edition of 3200 Pieces, Individually Numbered.
Introduced in 2012

December 6th is a children's holiday in Poland. That is when St. Nicholas comes calling with gifts of baked pastries, small toys and holy cards. Parents admonish their children to be pious, say their prayers and to do good for others as the Saint did when he walked the earth as Bishop of Myra during the A.D. 300's. The Polish Father Christmas travels through night's darkness guided by the lighted star on his staff. He carries a basket of small toys, fruits and cookies to be left under the tree for good children. He makes his way through sleepy villages tucked under the shadows of surrounding mountains. His joyous and generous Polish spirit is reflected in the beautifully embroidered and traditional colorful costume he wears on this very special and holy night.


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