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Snowman Santa Ornament

Snowman Santa Ornament Item Sku: 11486

Snowman Santa Ornament

Open Edition
cold-cast resin

The Snowman Santa has made some wonderful snowmen dolls for children around the world, especially those who live in the land of snow and glaciers. Since everything is so white in the mountains and snow covered plains, Santa has wrapped all the gift packages in bright red papers to add cheerful color under the Christmas tree. Santa himself wears a bright red scarf and hat so as not to blend into the icy terrain. The anxious childrenís imagination can see him coming from miles away and anxiously await his jovial arrival. The Snowman Santa was inspired by the many cold, snow-filled winters of Door County, Wisconsin, where Pipka lives and spends endless hours in her quaint, inspirational studio. Many years ago, Pipka would be seen outside with her daughter, Angie and son, Jon, making their snow friend. Now that her children are grown, itís her grandchildren that convince Grandma to bundle up and have fun in the snow.

4" Height

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