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Into the Woods Santa Musical

Into the Woods Santa Musical Item Sku: 10101-1

Into the Woods Santa Musical

Open Edition, Individually Numbered, Plays Slient Night

Father Christmas is somewhat a recent phenomenon in Christmas traditions. In many European countries, at the turn of the 20th century, Christmas was a very religious holiday and the small gifts that were given were brought by the Christ Child Himself. He was often accompanied by and angel to guide Him. With the appearance of Father Christmas and the advent of postcards, many artists combined the religious images with the Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, image by having Santa travel with one or more angels. Which makes sense, really, as whom better to guide Santa than a guardian angel? The Into the Woods Santa has that dear angel by his side as he enters the dark and mysterious woods. He holds a lantern to shed light on their way, a symbol of the Light of Christ, so surely they will not miss a single home where the sleeping children await their arrival. A little feather on the stairs may be found by the little children as they make their way down to the Christmas tree and all the treasure beneath it.