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Santa is dressed like a Gaucho and wears the traditional, brightly colored woven shawl. The Gaucho was prevalent in the 19th century more than the present day. Then gauchos made up the majority of the rural population, herding cows on the vast Estancias, and practicing hunting. They wore heavy leather chaps and their best companion is their horse. Santa has filled his leather bag, hanging from his trusty horse with a wide variety of fruits that will be used for a holiday toast. The toast will be given by ne of the elders in the family before the Christmas meal. As Santa makes his way to Buenos Aires, the scent of orange blossoms, jasmine, and honeysuckle is in the air, and lots of beautifully-colored flowers are everywhere at Christmas time, giving Santa a feast for his senses.

People go to the church on Christmas Eve and then come back to a family gathering. The older generation will dance while younger people go out to see the fireworks. This celebration is very special because the majorities of Argentina’s are Christian and celebrate Jesus' birth on the 24th of December. Houses are decorated with red and white garlands; on the door Father Christmas's Boots are placed. The Christmas tree is decorated with colored lights, ornaments and Father Christmas placed on top of it. Mothers make different kinds of meals such as roasted turkey, roasted pork, stuffed tomatoes, mince pies, Christmas's bread and puddings. For the holiday toast, a special drink is prepared with different kinds of fruit, cut into pieces, and then it is mixed with juice and cider.
Introduced 2010
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