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Santa is dressed in red, typical of almost every Christmas celebration throughout the world. He is carry a bag filled with toys and brightly wrapped gifts. He is on his way to a nearby village and will stop by a larger landowner’s home to find it filled with neighbors and family members. There, everyone is singing Christmas carols and otheir favorite Christmas hymns. He carries a freshly cut Christmas tree. Christmas trees appear in Lithuania during this time of year making the homes smell of sweet pine. The tree is adorned with handmade straw (hay) ornaments, which are very traditional. These oraments are used to decorate Christmas trees or be used as a adornment for other parts of the house.

To prepare for Christmas Eve in Lithuania, the home is cleaned thoroughly and clean clothes are worn for the special evening meal. During this preparation, food for the next two days is also prepared. Clean hay is distributed upon the dinner tabletop, then a clean tablecloth is placed upon the hay. This signifies Christ’s bed of hay. A plate with a candle marks the place setting of a family member recently deceased, or a glass of beer or kvas may be put in this place. Kucios are the special meatless dishes prepared. Twelve dishes represent the Twleve Apostles; which include dried or cooked fish, pickled vegetables, and grains.

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