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Sweden, a country full of folklore, myths, and ancient customs, has incorporated many of them into their Christmas festivities, not in the least of those being the presence of the ubiquitous tomte, little curmudgeons that create joy and havoc during the holiday season with their pranks. As they usually live in the barns or woods, they are hard to spot, but at Christmas, a bowl of porridge must be set out for the tomte so that they are appeased and don’t get carried away with their mischievous deeds. Swedish Santa is sitting down to have a talk with them, a little reprimand and encouragement to behave so that he can go about his business of delivering gifts to Swedish children. A bluebird will help keep an eye on things and report back to Santa if the tomte get out of line, which they surely will. It wouldn’t be Christmas in Sweden without tomte pranks! Santa sits in a uniquely, carved chair. It is reminiscent of the many wonderful thrones throughout the land that Santa sits on while visiting boys and girls. Ornate wood carving roots are found in Germany and these wood carvers are still known for this talent today.
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