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Possible Dreams Celtic Irish Santas


It’s the luck of the Irish that you found the Possible Dreams Celtic products. They are truly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Possible Dreams Santas are handcrafted collectibles with meticulous detailing. The Clothtique fabrics bring a unique realism to each design.

Lucky Couple New for 2016
Item Sku: 4052114

Lucky Couple

Do you now a lucky couple celebrating their first Christmas together? What about a significant anniversary? If so, then this Clothtique Collectible is the perfect wedding or Christmas gift. Introduced 2016.
6” x 4.5” x 10.5”H
Expected Ship Date MID-JUNE 2016
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Ringing in the Season New for 2016
Item Sku: 4052113

Ringing in the Season

Close your eyes and listen for the sweet sounds of this Celtic Santa ringing in the season with his shamrock covered Christmas bell. Then open your eyes and take in the special touches like the real ribbon trim on his coat. Introduced 2016.
6.5” x 6” x 10.5”H
Expected Ship Date MID-JUNE 2016
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Plaid Tidings New for 2016
Item Sku: 4052112

Plaid Tidings

If we had to pick our favorite part of this Scottish Santa it would be tough. We love the thistle embellishment and the plaid tartan coat. But if we had to pick…we would go with the lit lantern. Lighted lantern; uses cell battery, included. Introduced 2016.
5.5” x 5.5” x 10”H
Expected Ship Date MID JUNE 2016
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King of Castle Item Sku: 4046492

King of Castle

Don’t miss the small details on this Possible Dreams Clothtique Santa. There are shamrocks decorating Santa’s suspenders and Christmas light accents on his Celtic castle. Introduced 2015.

Great Highland Item Sku: 4046493

Great Highland

Many years ago every Scottish town would have a bagpiper paid for with taxes from wealthy families in the area. The piper would play for the townspeople on all occasions. Introduced 2015.
Until We Meet Again Item Sku: 4046490

Until We Meet Again

The Celtic bookmark holds the spot where you can read the phrase: Until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand. Designed by Lyn Fletcher. Introduced 2015.

End Of the Rainbow Item Sku: 4038629

End Of the Rainbow

Shelf sitter. Follow the rainbow and at the end you will find…Santa. If you are lucky he might share the pot of gold he found. Introduced 2014.
9” H
Rich in Blessings Treetopper Item Sku: 4026712

Rich in Blessings Treetopper

This beautiful treetopper features the blessings of Christmas...a snow dusted bottle brush Christmas tree, a gold winged angel and a stunning gift. The Santa is also carrying a decorated bag full of additional Christmas favorites. Introduced 2013

Celtic Crossroads Item Sku: 4026992

Celtic Crossroads

This Celtic Claus sits strumming his banjo at the crossroads to make sure you know the way to a Merry Christmas.
Introduced 2012
Possible Dreams Emerald Isle Angel Treetopper Item Sku:

Possible Dreams Emerald Isle Angel Treetopper

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