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Possible Dreams Santas By The Sea

Santa is never crabby when hes at the beach basking in the sun. He enjoys this seas-on with a tropical drink in his hand and his toes in the sand. Im shore theres room for one morecome join him.

Possible Dreams Santas are handcrafted collectibles with meticulous detailing. The Clothtique fabrics bring a unique realism to each design

The seaside life is where you can find Mr. & Mrs. Claus on December 26th.
Catch a wave with them and soak up some sun!

Coral Christmas New for 2016
Item Sku: 4050055

Coral Christmas

In his right hand Santa holds a coral staff decorated in sequined shells. The coral motif is echoed on his robe. In his left hand is a gift from the sea, a pearl. Introduced 2016.
7 x 6 x 11H
Sail On Santa Item Sku: 4046487

Sail On Santa

What could be better than relaxing on the beach with your toes in the sand doing nothing? Well close to nothing. Its okay to pick up the binoculars every so often and look around. Designed by Lyn Fletcher. Introduced 2015.

Holiday Flocking Item Sku: 4046486

Holiday Flocking

Santa has been flocked. These fun pink flamingos showed up overnight just to in time to help him wrap the last of the holiday gifts. Introduced 2015.
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Nautical Or Nice? SALE!
Item Sku: 4046485

Nautical Or Nice?

Set of 2. Santa is ready to navigate another holiday season. He has his mug of hot cocoa to keep him warm as he reviews the list of this years deliveries. List can be personalized by you with a permanent marker. Introduced 2015.
$70.00 / $65.00   

Merriest Catch SALE!
Item Sku: 4038623

Merriest Catch

Looks like Santa will soon be whipping up a batch of his famous cioppino. He caught a crab in his net along with some festive wrapped presents. Introduced 2014.
10 H
Pedal Pusher Item Sku: 4026989

Pedal Pusher

Look who is heading out for a fun day in the sun. It's the big man himself with his best friend tagging along in the backseat. Looks like they plan on playing some frisbee. Introduced 2013
$58.00 / $51.00   
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