Snowing Christmas Tree

Snowing Christmas Tree



Snowing Christmas Tree Jewel Base 4 Feet 5 inches Tall

Snowing Christmas Tree 6 Feet 8 inches Tall

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Snowing Christmas Tree Jewel Base 4 Feet 5 inches Tall

NEW and Improved Tips made with high quality PE mold process, mixed PE and PVC Snowing Christmas Tree. PE Creates a more realistic branch look and feel! Creates a cascading snow fall effect. Comes with: 24 red and gold ornaments, 60 White LED micro lights continuously lit. Variable speed control, increase or decrease snow flow
Musical on or off, randomly plays portions of several popular christmas tunes. Comes with plentiful amount of snow 50% more. “Must only be used with the ornaments provided or ornaments equal to the weight of the ones provided”.

4 Feet 5 Inches Tall
Requires 120VAC
Music is NOT for continuous use and must be limited to 2 hours per day

Comes with snow flow controller shown here. This allows you to control the intensity of the snowfall.
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NOTE: Tree Assembly Required
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“If you would like to use your own artificial Christmas tree you will need the Snowing Machine, Item 09040, which will fit trees up to 7.5 feet high. Please click here to view information.”

Snowing Christmas Tree In Action!