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At Christmas Treasures, we stock many Christmas items, as you may have guessed! This index page has links to some of the product lines that we carry with Christmas-themed items.

Christmas, which means literally “Christ’s mass”, commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. The earliest known December 25th celebration dates back to Rome in 354 AD. The birth of Jesus was already celebrated in connection with the Epiphany on January 6 in other parts of the world. Today, Christmas is observed by billions of people around the world, Christians and non-Christians alike, with celebrations including feasts, decorations and Christmas trees, Christmas carols, the sending and receiving of Christmas cards, the exchange of gifts with family and friends, and gift-bearing figures such as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Weihnachtsmann, Pere Noel, Saint Basil, Father Frost, Baboushka and many more.