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Bearfoots Mother's Day Resin Figurines
Camp Runamuck Item Sku: 50111

Camp Runamuck

10th Anniversary Celebration Bear On a visit to the campground, We fund a lot of stuff. The campers left all screaming So we finished off their lunch.
7.5" Long x 5" Wide x 5" Tall
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Naptime Item Sku: 50126-1


7.5L x 6W x 4.5H



Jill and Cub Momma Bear Item Sku: 50358

Jill and Cub Momma Bear w/Baby

We've been in the forest all day long frolicking in meadows and singing bear songs. Now as day is closing and baby's fast asleep Mama makes the journey Home Page with memories she will keep.
6 1/2" L x 4" W x 4 1/8" T



Cuddle Time figurine Item Sku: B5080011

Cuddle Time figurine

Hand-cast Resin,
4.25H x 2.25W
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Big Sky Carvers Mother's Day Ornaments
Saucer Sled Ornament Item Sku: 50686

Saucer Sled Ornament

2.75L x 2.50W x 2.75H



Shopping Bear Ornament Item Sku: 50687

Shopping Bear Ornament

2L x 1.50W x 3H



Bears on Branch Clip Ornament Item Sku: 50658

Bears on Branch Clip Ornament

2.5" Long x 2.5" Tall



Motivation Bears Ornament Item Sku: 50663

Motivation Bears Ornament

2.5" Long x 2" Tall



I Love Grandma Ornament Item Sku: 50716

I Love Grandma Ornament

1.5"L x 1.75"w x 3"H



Mountain Moose Mother's Day Resin Figurines
Moose Photo Holder Item Sku: 53536

Moose Photo Holder

(Photos Not Included)
3" Long 3 1/4" Wide x 8 1/2"Tall
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$25.00 / $18.75  


Marigold Moose with Utility Pot Item Sku: 53532

Marigold Moose with Utility Pot

(Plant Not Included)
13-1/2" Long x 12" Wide x 10" Tall



Moose Family Portrait Item Sku: B5080040

Moose Family Portrait

2.5W x 5.5H



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