St. Patricks Day

Christian Steinbach
St. Patrick's Day
Wooden Nutcrackers, Smokers, and Ornaments

Steinbach Nutcrackers are Hand Made in Germany!

Steinbach- Irish - Wooden Ornaments
Steinbach Irish Man Ornament Item Sku: Z234

Steinbach Irish Man Ornament

Hand Made in Germany
3" Height
Steinbach Ornament Lucky Pig Item Sku: Z420

Steinbach Ornament Lucky Pig

Hand Made in Germany
2 H

Steinbach Ornament Lucky Boy Item Sku: Z637

Steinbach Ornament Lucky Boy

Hand Made in Germany
3 H
Steinbach- Irish - Wooden ''Chubby'' and ''Troll'' Nutcrackers
Irish Man Patrick Chubby Nutcracker Item Sku: S1538

Irish Man Patrick Chubby Nutcracker

Introduced 2015
Hand Made in Germany
Available Unsigned or Hand Signed by Karla Steinbach
Steinbach Irish Santa Troll Nutcracker Item Sku: S1526

Steinbach Irish Santa Troll Nutcracker

Introduced in 2008
Hand Made in Germany
11" Height
S1538   Qty: $255.00 Unsigned 

S1538SK   Qty: $265.00 Signed by Karla 
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