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Aromatique Cinnamon Cider
Candles and fragrances that enhance your home with the wonderfully enticing fragrance of cinnamon, apples, and citrus.

Aromatique Pumpkin Spice
Candles and fragrances with a blend of autumn spices that is perfect for fall.

Aromatique Cranberry Frost
Fragrances with tart cranberries and citrus combined with frost botanicals.

Blue Sky Clayworks Thanksgiving
Ceramic Candle Houses and Home Decor by Heather Goldminc

New for 2017
Byers Choice Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Carolers, Kindles, and Accessories by Byers' Choice, Ltd.

New for 2017
Charming Tails Thanksgiving

Resin Figurines by Fitz and Floyd

New for 2017
Department 56 Thanksgiving

Ceramic Collectibles by Department 56

G. DeBrekht Thanksgiving
Russian Folk Art by G. DeBrekht Artistic Studios

New for 2017
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Thanksgiving

Polyresin Figures Designed by artist Jim Shore

Old World Thanksgiving Cards
Thanksgiving Cards by Old World Christmas

Spin Shades Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Night Lights and Single Shades

New for 2017
Thanksgiving Nutcrackers

Wooden Nutcrackers by Steinbach and Ulbricht

Thanksgiving Ornaments
Glass Ornaments by Old World Christmas and Gold and Silver Plated Ornaments with Austrian Crystal
Just Some of Our Thanksgiving Collection!
Thanksgiving Mini Lights
Maple Leaves Lighted Garland Item Sku: 00445

Maple Leaves Lighted Garland

9 long with 150 mini lights on black cord, Indoor/Outdoor Use



Set of 140 Amber-Orange Random Twinkling and Chasing Mini Christmas Lights Item Sku: 3140AMBER-ORANGE

Set of 140 Amber-Orange Random Twinkling and Chasing Mini Christmas Lights

- 140 Amber-Orange Bulbs on green cord. 4" Spacing. Indoor/Outdoor Use. A full range of speed control by a high technology micro-chip allows the speed at which the lights twinkle and chase to be adjusted by the user - from slow speed to full strobe effect or steady burning. Use as "Random Twinkle" or "Chaser" lights. 58" lead (with control box). Set Length approx. 54'. UL Approved. 3.5v/150mA bulbs. Amber-orange bulbs with Green Wire.
(Please Note: These lights ARE NOT end-to-end connectable.)
(Indoor or Outdoor Use) Includes 4 spare bulbs. Every 4th bulb illuminates at the same time, see the video for the 3140MULTI for an example.



Set of 100 Amber/Orange Mini Christmas Lights SALE!
Item Sku: 8199Amber-Orange

Set of 100 Amber/Orange Mini Christmas Lights

-100 Amber/Orange Bulbs on green cord. 6" Spacing. Indoor/Outdoor Use. UL approved to allow three sets to be connected end-to-end or piggyback. 2.5v/200mA Super Bright long life bulbs. 3000 hours. Special socket lock feature to hold bulbs in place. Heavy Duty Grade. 22 gauge Green Wire. 27" lead, 3" tail. Set length 52'. Includes spare bulbs and spare fuses.
(Indoor or Outdoor Use)

$15.95 / $9.50   



Marcia Berkall Whittlins 'N Wood - Thanksgiving Carvings
Whittlins N Wood Harvest Santa Item Sku: MB2

Whittlins 'N Wood Harvest Santa

Hand Carved by Marcia Berkall
10 1/2" Tall
Now on Sale!

$700.00 / $545.00   


Marcia Berkall Carvings

Thanksgiving, traditionally a day to express gratitude and thanks for a plentiful harvest, is usually commemorated by having a feast with family and friends. Primarily celebrated in Canada and the United States, the earliest Thanksgiving harvest festival was held in what is now Saint Augustine, Florida on September 8, 1565. However, the "first Thanksgiving" is usually recognized as having occurred at the Plymouth Plantation site in 1621. Thanksgiving is now celebrated in Canada on the second Monday in October, and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

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