Valentines Day

Byers' Choice, Ltd.
Valentine's Day


Byers Valentine Girl 2015 New for 2015
Item Sku: 2132B

Byers' Valentine Girl 2015

Introduced 2015
Approx. 10 H
Byers Choice Valentine Woman Item Sku: 2131A

Byers' Choice Valentine Woman

Our Valentine Woman joins the 2013 Valentine Girl with a matching skirt and locket. They make a handsome pair for your Valentine's Day decor! Introduced 2014

Byers Choice Valentine Girl Item Sku: 413VG

Byers' Choice Valentine Girl

Introduced in 2013
Approx. 10H
African American Valentine Girl New for 2015
Item Sku: AA2132B

African American Valentine Girl

The Valentine Girl for 2015 is smartly dressed in a bright red blouse and white eyelet skirt. She holds a bouquet of flowers from her admirer along with a heart shaped valentine pendant. Introduced 2015
Approx. 10 H
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