Vaillancourt Halloween


Vaillancourt Haunted Village Santa Item Sku: V15088

Vaillancourt Haunted Village Santa

Introduced 2015,



Dracula Item Sku: V12103


Arguably, the central figure to Halloween is Dracula. Although Dracula can be quite scary, this version of Dracula—with his slicked hair, green eyes, white fangs, and black cloak decorated with dripping blood stains—shows that the figure doesn't have to be scary to accurately depict the essence of Halloween this year. Introduced 2012,



Ghouly Girl Item Sku: V13074

Ghouly Girl

Antique Halloween candy moulds seem to be the most difficult to find. Very few were ever made, making the hunt for an addition to the Vaillancourt line almost impossible—unless you start to look for a mold which can be adapted... This sweet little girl holding her cat seemed like a natural. So, ready for Halloween, "Ghouly Girl" was born. Introduced 2013
6.75” H



Halloween Witch Item Sku: V665

Halloween Witch

Introduced 1993



Vaillancourt Halloween Cat with Hat Item Sku: V12102

Vaillancourt Halloween Cat with Hat

Introduced 2013
Black cats get a bad rap during the Halloween holiday—often considered the aids to witches or simply bearers of bad luck. This Halloween cat is breaking the mould by dressing up for some good 'ole trick or treating. Wearing a costume of a vintage Halloween clown, this cat is simply looking to enjoy this holiday.
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Vaillancourt Halloween Santa with Silhouettes Item Sku: V11096

Vaillancourt Halloween Santa with Silhouettes

This modified mould depicts everything that one holds dear to Halloween; a bristle broom, the black cat, bats, and the silhouette of a witch dancing with a black cat on this Halloween Santa's orange coat. Introduced 2011
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