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52959 McKenzie Hwy Blue River, Oregon 97413 Highway 126 Milepost 43.5

Christmas Treasures Outdoor Webcam Blue River, Oregon HWY 126

This is a live updated image of the outside of Christmas Treasures located in Blue River, Oregon 97413
Our elevation is 1100 feet above sea level.

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Christmas Treasures, offering the most desired and highest quality Christmas tree lights for your Home and the Holidays.  The lights bring an extra sparkle to the Holidays with there unique designs and quality, from the magical floating bubbles of bubble lights to the incredible life like flames produced from the flicker flame lights.  These Christmas Tree lights will be cherished and loved for many years to come. To Shop Our Christmas Lights

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Christmas Treasures Christmas Tree Over 50,000 LED Lights
For more information on this 160' Tall Lighted Christmas Tree located at Christmas Treasures in Blue River Oregon

*Lighted Christmas Tree*
Yahoo Article by Kimberly Sharpe-The Worlds Largest Christmas Tree is Located in Blue River, Oregon

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