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Ken Lessnau

Hand Carved Santa Wood Carvings

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Ken Lessnau Uncle Sam Wood Carvings
Tall Uncle Sam Sale
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Tall Uncle Sam

Hand Carved by Ken Lessnau
28 1/2'' Tall x 9'' Wide
$700.00 / $495.00   
Ken Lessnau Tree Woodcarvings
Small Tree Item Sku:

Small Tree

Hand Carved by Ken Lessnau
4 1/2'' Tall
Straight Tree Item Sku:

Straight Tree

Hand Carved by Ken Lessnau
7 1/4'' Tall
Wild Side

By Ken Lessnau

As a child, Midwestern artist Ken Lessnau was fascinated by the form and color of antique toys and would spend hours examining how they were constructed and painted. But serving in the military and working as a house painter didn't satisfy Ken's creative urges as an adult, and soon this self-taught artist was carving and painting his own works of art. Ken's unique Wildside creations, designed for Christmas Treasures, reflect his love of form and color and demonstrate his fascinating, one-of-a-kind style. All of Ken Lessnau's wood carvings are hand-signed by Ken himself.