Santa Wood Carvings

Anthony Costanza

Original hand-carved wood carvings by Anthony Costanza
Each carving is made of Cedar and "found" wood. Cracks and knotholes are always incorporated into the finished carving.
Anthony Costanza Halloween Wood Carvings

Anthony Costanza Witch With Cane
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Anthony Costanza Witch With Cane


Anthony Costanza Santas

by Anthony Costanza
nthony Costanza
"Each piece of wood I hold shows me its potential...whether it's to become a witch, an Uncle Sam, Santa, an angel... I just facilitate its release"

Wood Carving & Wood Sculpture by Anthony Costanza

Since I was a young child old enough to hold a crayon, I created art. I never had any formal art training but whether I was working in oils, stained glass, or textiles, I was always creating. While teaching foreign languages as an adult, I came across a newly carved piece of folk art and thought, "I can do that". I've created thousands of carvings since that first day. The rest, as they say, is history.

The carvings you'll see in my web gallery are all original. Each is carved individually, one at a time, by me, without the use of power tools. I use wood chisels, X-acto knives, and the occasional hammer and larger molding chisel for oak pieces. When I'm satisfied with my carving, I hand paint and finish the piece.

“Most of Tony’s carvings are from vintage white cedar fence posts you see alongside country roads in Wisconsin.

Prototypes are hand carved pieces done exclusively for a company that does reproductions from his original works, most of these pieces that we sell will require some assembly.”