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Joe Caldwell Santa Carvings

“Many fine European customs and traditions still flourish in our “Melting Pot” communities. Joe Caldwell was reared in such a community and remembers those traditions. His Hand carved Santas are a reflection of that warm past, mixed with today’s colors and styles. Each Piece is created from blocks of basswood with no patterns, only experience. Joe particularly enjoys painting each piece, giving them their own personality. Blue Eyes, rosy cheeks, and coats that display his special talents adorn each handcrafted piece. No two the same , “Once they are done, I miss them when they are gone!” Enjoy your own touch of the past, with a gift in the present of an heirloom for all time.”


Quilted Santa

Quilted Santa Item Sku: 200813

Quilted Santa

Hand Carved and Painted by Joe Caldwell from Texas Approx.
13 ˝ “ H

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