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Karl Art Carvings
Karl Art Carvings
Carved Santa
by Karl Neubauer
Karl-Art Carvings are limited editions, decorative sculptures.  They are hand carved by New England Sculptor, Karl Neubauer at his Vermont Studio.  Each piece is engraved by the Artist with an identification number, the year that it was created and signed with either Karl's personal signature or the Karl-Art insignia.  All Karl-Art Carvings are originals.

All of my carvings are original designs and are carved and painted individually. The wood is basswood. Basswood or Linden is a local deciduous tree harvested in Vermont and New Hampshire. The work is all either limited edition or one of a kind and is engraved with that information along with the year created and the Karl-Art insignia. I also sign the larger pieces with my personal signature. The process is as follows: I make a series of drawings to work out all aspects of a design. Then I create a template in order to transfer the basic shape to the wood and cut out the carving 'blank' on a band saw. Then I use a mallet and chisel to remove the bulk of the material from the blank. With a knife I whittle away at the rough carving to create detail and surface textures. The process is completed when I paint the finished carving with a wash of colors and apply a clear wood finish. Then each piece is engraved with all pertinent information.

I've been studying the Fine Arts since childhood; drawing, painting, and sculpture. In college I studied advanced figure in both two and three dimensions as well as abstraction. I exhibited that work for a couple of years in Massachusetts on the south shore. I began carving my present work more or less as an exercise. I wanted to infuse my work with more emotion and joy and found that carving small figures from wood was the perfect vehicle for this. It became apparent, quite quickly that this more 'folky' and happy work was much closer to my own heart. I decided to make a business out of the work produced from these exercises. In 1990 I established Karl-Art Carvings in order to make a living from my art. I wanted to create a more accessible art. I could gather together all the skills and techniques learned over the years studying sculpture and drawing , put them into easily recognizable subject matter and carve them from a traditional medium to create a unique craft. Accessible Art was then, and is now my goal. To create small scale decorative sculptures that appeal to both the serious collector and to those who like to surround themselves with high quality craft or artwork.