Santa Wood Carvings

Larry Roberts

Hand Carved Santa Claus Wood Carvings

Natural One Hand Santa Item Sku: LR36

Natural One Hand Santa

Hand Carved and Painted Manzanita wood
5 H x 5W x 5D



Wide Santa with Hand in Pocket Item Sku: LR14

Wide Santa with Hand in Pocket

Hand Carved and Painted Cypress wood
8 3/4H x 5W x 4D



Wide Santa Claus Item Sku: LR15

Wide Santa Claus

Hand Carved and Painted Cypress wood
8 1/2H x 6 1/2W x 5 1/2D



No Hat Santa Item Sku: LR19

No Hat Santa

Hand Carved and Painted Cypress wood
7H x 3 3/4W x 4D



Large Santa Claus Item Sku: LR20

Large Santa Claus

Hand Carved and Painted Cypress wood
10 1/4H x 5 1/4W x 6 3/4D



Plain Santa Item Sku: LR24

Plain Santa

Hand Carved and Painted Cypress wood
12 1/2H x 6 1/4W x 5D




Larry's interest in woodcarving began in 1982. After attending several seminars taught by world class carvers, and after countless hours of trial and error, Larry has developed a unique style he likes to describe as "stylized realism." He enjoys carving a variety of wildlife. Of special interest, is the drama and fierceness of the raptors.

Woodcarving remained a hobby until 1993 when Larry had the opportunity to turn woodcarving, which he readily admits has become his life, into a full-time career. His work is now in four galleries in Oregon, and he attends several juried and invitational art shows each year.

Research is a vital part in each of Larry's sculptures that are individually and painstakingly carved and finished without the aid of a duplicator or any hired helpers. Before being sealed for protection, and to achieve his desired effect, Larry uses wood stains and acrylic paints.

Larry makes his home in North Bend, Oregon.

A wood sculpture is unique from every other, but it's also a valuable wood sculpture that's crafted only in limited quantities. There may be some variations in the wood used. However, these intentional differences are what characterize this as a one-of-a-kind original! Wood is an organic medium that responds to the environment. It is the nature of wood to change. Please consider the following suggestions for the care of your art work so it will continue to be enjoyed by you and future generations.

Do's and Don'ts for Wood Art

- Avoid extremes of temperature and humidity.
- Protect your collection from airborne dust.
- Display with low light levels.
- Insure your collection with a fine-arts rider.

- Display your collection in direct or indirect sunlight.
- Place wood sculptures near heat or vents or fireplaces.
- Use strong lights in combination with plastic cases.