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Cabin Carvings Wildlife Woodcarvings Bearfoots Mountain Mooses
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New for 2017 SALE!
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Marc Pierce Signature Collection Sculptures
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Canine Collection William Herrick Collection Santas SALE!
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Big Sky Carvers Feature Artists
Don Profota

Don Profota

     Big Sky Carvers became aware of Don’s work nine years ago when his birds were winning awards in competitions on both coasts. As a wildlife artist for sixteen years, Don has not only created many wood originals for us, but has also designed many of our highly prized paint schemes. At 45, Don is an intense outdoor enthusiast ani is among the numerous artists that have made Montana Home Page. Don divides his time between his many outdoor pursuits, (fly fishing, bird hunting and flying), where he recently received recognition for flying a sailplane to an altitude of 34,000!

Bill Reel

Bill Reel

     Born and raised in Whitehall, Montana, Bill has been interested in art his entire life. Although he started mostly with pencil sketches, and other mediums of flatwork, he pursued his career in art by joining the craftsmen at Big Sky Carvers in 1990. It was here that he developed his admiration for wildlife, especially being intrigued by fish carvings and the ability to virtually “bring the fish to life” by applying airbrush technique to enhance breathtaking colors. In 1996, Bill received high honors in the Masters Fish Carving Competition in Wyoming for his “Jumping Rainbow Trout”. A year later, his Rainbow Trout carving titled, “Big Hole Ballet” won first place and Best of Class at the World Fish Carving Competition.

Bob Cuge

Bob Guge

     Bob, a world-class carver and much sought after instructor, resides in Illinois with his wife and eight children. Bob is currently working on a series of cast reproductions for the Danbury Mint. He has coauthored a book on carving miniature wildfowl and has captured many prestigious carving awards during his 20-year career, including four “Best in World” titles at the Ward Foundation World Championships. His carvings are included in the permanent collection of the Wildfowl Art Museum in Salisbury, Maryland, the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wassau, Wisconsin and in many private and corporate collections across the continent.

Ken White

     Ken White, at age 33 is an up and coming young carver. He started his tenure with Big Sky Carvers in 1993, where he worked in the paint department before finding his niche as one of our Master Carvers in 1995. Although Ken has been carving since he was six years old, he did not start creating his master pieces for Big Sky Carvers until 1994. Big Sky Carvers held a carving contest, with the winner’s item being featured as one of our Masters’ Editions. Ken won that contest with his Kestrel carving and a new chapter in his career began.

John Gewerth

     John being an avid waterfowl hunter for over 35 years didn’t see his first hand-carved decorative duck decoy until the mid-1970’s. Immediately he began collecting them and when that no longer satisfied him, he eventually started carving them himself. John has since won a number of “Best in Show’s” in regional decorative carving competitions. In 1981, he was awarded “Best of Show” Floating Decorative Decoy at the World Championship. From that point, he began competing in the Decorative Floating Pairs category and has finished in the top three at least four times. John began carving for Big Sky Carvers in 1983 and has enjoyed crafting decorative carvings ever since.

Ashley Gray

     Ashley Gray, Big Sky Carvers newest Master Carver was born and raised in Maryland. He started carving at the age of thirteen and was awarded “Best Art Student in Maryland” during his junior and senior years in high school. In 1994, Ashley exhibited his carvings in the New York Art Expo. He won consecutive “Best in Show” at the New England Grand Championships from 1994 through 1997. In May of 1998, Rotary International chose Ashley to represent them in the Arts in Australia. Ashley carves all his original pieces of art from a single block of wood and it takes three to twenty four months to complete. Each sculpture tells a stone; some realistic and some surreal, evoking spirituality. His hope is that people who view his work will appreciate it as much as he enjoyed creating it. For it is, as Ashley describes, “a window to his heart.”

Jeff Fleming

     Born in Montana, Jeff grew up surrounded by wilderness and wildlife. An avid outdoorsman, Jeff and his family enjoy all the adventure Montana has to offer. “Montana is an outdoor paradise and I love the wilderness and all things wild.” Jeff’s art career began in 1985. “I always enjoyed working with wood and began by sculpting large wood carvings. Whimsical bears have always been my favorite subject and I’ve carved hundreds of bears from little cubs on up to huge bears standing 20’ tall.” Jeff’s original and commissioned woodcarvings have been shipped around the world and can be found in many private and corporate collections, most National Parks and Disney World.
In 1993, Jeff partnered with Big Sky Carvers to reproduce his whimsical bear designs, starting with Big Sky Bears, a collection of wood carved bears sold throughout the US and Canada. He then went on to create Bearfoots, a collection of whimsical black bears that have been sold and collected worldwide. The loveable Bearfoots’ popularity soon soared, and have been produced in many forms such as cast resin figurines, dishes and cookie jars, plush, benches, coffee tables, flower planters, clothing, blankets, pillows, Christmas ornaments, chocolates, note cards and many other products.
Jeff and his family live in Northwest Montana near Glacier National Park and work together at Jeff’s Bear Country Studio and Gallery in Kalispell, Montana. “I’ve always thought of bears as being very human-like and playful. Many of my bear designs are based on our outdoor adventures or tell stories that many of us have in common, special moments and fun times shared with family and friends in the Great Outdoors.”

Phyllis Driscoll

Phyllis Driscoll

     With no formal art training, Phyllis Driscoll's fascination with clay started as a young girl, digging it from a neighborhood creek. Since then, the desire to give life to her ideas and to watch her characters emerge and grow has sustained her through a variety of jobs and the raising of her children. It has turned into a full-time career and a lifetime dream.
"If my work offers you a break from reality and puts a smile on your face, then I've accomplished my goal, because that's what working in this wonderful medium has done for me my whole life!"
Phyllis is encouraged and inspired by her family, human and otherwise, and by the natural beauty of living in Montana.

About Big Sky Carvers of Montana
In 1980, Marc Pierce and his father had a simple idea to share the decoys they carved with others who truly appreciate everything outdoors. Ducks led to bears…bears to moose…and now Big Sky Carvers brings nature into homes in just about every shape and form imaginable. Their collection of 1500 products sounds like a lot until you think about all the possibilities that nature has to offer. Because, no matter how much Big Sky grows, the great outdoors continues to motivate.

Big Sky Carvers’ family of designers, artists, and sculptors in Montana and around the globe, has strong emotional ties to the natural world. Their passion translates into sometimes serious, often whimsical, and at times functional art. And they all have one other thing in common…the desire to share their creations with others.

Big Sky Carvers of Montana Company Timeline
1980- Decoy business founded
1989- Big Sky Bears are introduced- “The coolest wood carved bears ever!”
1992- Big Sky Gallery furniture and sculptures are introduced
1995- Bearfoots collectible figurines introduced
1999- Bearfoots Celebrate Christmas
2006- Big Sky Silver introduced
2010- Big Sky Carvers 30th Anniversary - Big Sky Bears are back!

Big Sky Carvers’ Collection of outdoor-inspired home decor accents, whimsical critters, traditional waterfowl carvings and sculpture make finding the perfect gift easy. Whether decorating a favorite nook in your den or welcoming family home for the holidays, Christmas Treasures offers a huge selection of Big Sky Carvers collectibles, including Cabin Carvings, Wildlife Woodcarvings, Bearfoots, Mountain Moose, Canine Collection, Christmas figures and ornaments, and more!

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