Santa Wood Carvings

Carvings By Patrick

Chainsaw Santa Claus Wood Carvings
By Patrick Dibala, Owner of Christmas Treasures

Chainsaw Carving, May 2005 Chainsaw Carving, May 2005
A Chainsaw Wood Carving Progression A Chainsaw Wood Carving Progression
Chainsaw Carving, May 2005 Chainsaw Carving, May 2005
Patrick Dibala
Chainsaw Wood Carvings
In 1995, Patrick Dibala started whittling small Santa Claus figurines from wood to adorn some of the shelves in his store, Christmas Treasures, which had opened in November 1993.
After a couple of years spent whittling these little gems, Patrick decided to start thinking big.
Christmas Treasures is located on the McKenzie Highway, a well-traveled but rather remote area in Oregon. Patrick had an idea which could merge his talent for wood carving with a hope to attract more customers to Christmas Treasures.
Using unmarketable red cedar wood that he gathered with a permit from the U.S. Forest Service, he set up shop - in the parking lot of Christmas Treasures. By 1997, Patrick had begun using chainsaws to create large wood carvings that still attract attention today.
Time restraints have made it difficult for Patrick to continue carving as much as he would like. Much of his time is spent keeping Christmas Treasures running smoothly, now that it has expanded into the internet business that you see today. However, if you find yourself traveling on Highway 126, between mile marker 43 and 44, you just may see Patrick out front of Christmas Treasures with chainsaw in hand, transforming a log into a masterpiece! Stop in and say hello, and you will notice the variety of chainsaw wood carvings out front, welcoming you to Christmas Treasures.