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The intricately detailed lighted buildings and accessories of this series are as unique and diverse as the towns and hamlets in the Alpine and Bavarian regions they represent. A combination of craftsmanship and imagination comes together to create this classic array of hand-painted buildings and accessories filled with nostalgia and charm.


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Alpine Clock Tower Item Sku: 4020170

Alpine Clock Tower

35th Anniversary piece.
Introduced 2011
6.89”H x 3.1”W x 3.1”L
Wolfstein Beer Hall Item Sku: 808754

Wolfstein Beer Hall

Coordinates with item #808777 “Pretzels and Beer” and item #808756 “Wolfstein Beer Wagon”
Introduced 2010
7.52” H x 4.92” W x 7.09” L

Snowdrop Cottage Item Sku: 808755

Snowdrop Cottage

Snowdrop is a Grimm Brothers fairy tale.
Introduced 2010
A Charming Inn welcoming visitors to Octoberfest.
5.7” H x 5.5” W x 5.3” L
The Christkindl Miracle Item Sku: 806283

The Christkindl Miracle

Coordinates with #805530 "Christkindl Church" Introduced 2009
4 x 2.25 x 3.75"

Sharing an Alpine Christmas Item Sku: 806284

Sharing an Alpine Christmas

Christmas Coordinates with #805531 "Christkindl Post Office". Introduced 2009
4 x 2.5 x 2.75"
Pretzels and Beer Item Sku: 808777

Pretzels and Beer

Set of 2. Coordinates with item #808754 “Wolfstein Beer Hall”
Introduced 2010
Each piece approx. 2” H

Black Forest Tower Item Sku: 4020169

Black Forest Tower

Introduced 2011
10.31”H x 3.9”W x 4.3”L
Willkommen To Octoberfest Item Sku: 4020171

Willkommen To Octoberfest

Coordinates with item #4020168 “Gasthof Mittenwald” and #4020187 “Octoberfest Musicians”
Introduced 2011
2.875”H x 2.125”W x 3.37”L

Octoberfest Musicians Item Sku: 4020187

Octoberfest Musicians

Coordinates with item #4020168 “Gasthof Mittenwald” and #4020171 “Willkommen To Octoberfest”
Introduced 2011
2.875”H x 1.375”W x 2.675”L
Just in Time to Celebrate Item Sku: 4025238

Just in Time to Celebrate

Coordinates with item #4025235 “Reit Train Station” Introduced 2012.
The conductor welcomes this couple to Oktoberfest.
3.25 x 2 x 2.75"

My Octoberfest Debut Item Sku: 4025240

My Octoberfest Debut

Introduced 2012.
A final lesson from the master, before the Oktoberfest performance.
2.75 x 1.5 x 2.5"
Wolfstein Beer Wagon Item Sku: 808756

Wolfstein Beer Wagon

Coordinates with item #808754 “Wolfstein Beer Hall”
Introduced 2010
This colorful porcelain accessory captures the spirit of the Octoberfest celebration.
5” H x 2.5” W x 7.5” L
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