Department 56

Department 56 First Frost Collection

Recreate the Magic of Winter. A coating of glistening frost covers our outside world.
This memorable moment is created by nature and recreated by Department 56.
You’ll recall the magic of the season when the First Frost of winter finally arrives.

Powderhorn House Set Item Sku: 4054981

Powderhorn House Set

Set of 7 includes: Rustic Table, 2 Rustic Chairs, 3 Frosty Sisal Trees and House. Powderhorn may be known for May Day spring festivals, where neighbors are known to gather in the park and celebrate the arrival of spring. However, during the long winters, their delightful bungalows keep friends and family warm and cozy. Uses replacement bulb #99244. Introduced May 2016.
4.61” x 6.1” x 5.79”H
Tangletown Cottage Set Item Sku: 4054980

Tangletown Cottage Set

Set of 5 includes: Frosty Snowman, 3 Frosty Sisal Trees, and House. A beautiful house built in the first part of the 1900s holds all the memories of a home where family gathers on a cold evening by the glow of the fire. Lamplight thought the large arched window glistens on the frost snow outside. Uses replacement bulb #99244. Introduced May 2016.
4.49” x 7.25” x 4.95”H

Cedar Isles Church Set Item Sku: 4054979

Cedar Isles Church Set

Set of 4 includes: Nativity, 2 Frosty Sisal Trees, and Church. Charming white clap board steeple church includes a red door which welcomes all to services. Name is inspired by a the historic area of Minneapolis that surrounds Cedar Lake. Uses replacement bulb #99244. Introduced May 2016
7.28” x 4.8” x 9.21”H