Department 56
How-To: Converting Your Village MP3 Speakers for Halloween

1. Preparation
Start with a set of NEW Village MP3 Speakers #810808.

Remove all packaging.
2. Tree Removal
Pull the sisal trees out from the snow mounds. You will find small holes.

Store the sisal trees for later.
3. Painting
Purchase a small can of matte or gloss black spray paint. You can find this at any hardware, craft or building supply store.

Spray the snow mounds black.

Let dry according to the paint manufacturers specifications on the can.
4. Accessorize
Take Village Snow Fence #56.52657 and cut about 10-12 pickets worth off.

Spray paint black to match the MP3 player mound.

Let dry and then hot glue around the front of the black MP3 player mound.

Line up the picket fence along the bottom of the mound.

Add a Village Tombstone #56.53065 with hot glue to the front of the MP3 mound.
5. Finishing Touches
Take a bag of Village Autumn Moss #810851 and attach pieces with craft glue or hot glue around the fence and up and around the tombstone.

Clip off three or four branches of Spooky Spider Trees #800034 or Bare Branch trees #56.52623 (paint black with same black spray paint) and insert into the holes where the sisal trees were removed. You could also spray the removed sisal trees black if you want a different look than what Scott designed.

Allow to dry completely and then place into your village scene. Create your own Halloween spooky sounds or download Department 56's spooky sounds.

Click HERE (Right Click - Save Target As...) to download our spooky sound file for your Village MP3 Speakers.