Department 56

Department 56 Quality and Authenticity, Cleaning, and Care of Your Village Pieces

Department 56 Quality and Authenticity

Since 1976, Department 56 has captured the imaginations of families with the tradition of displaying lighted Village buildings throughout the home. For truly inspired decorating, be sure you're starting with genuine Department 56 buildings and accessories. You'll find our name embossed on the bottom of each handcrafted piece.

a. Attachments such as chimneys and church towers are sculpted separately, then skillfully added at a later stage of production.

b. Door and window openings are hand-cut with extreme precision. Each opening requires four to six individual hand-cuts.

c. Many buildings include custom, die-cast metal trim and details. Some lighted Village buildings include motion or sound, while others can be personalized or decorated for all seasons

Department 56 Cleaning, Care, and Minor Repairs

Cleaning Your Department 56 Village Items

It is recommended that you use a feather duster or soft brush to remove surface dust from the figurines. Some collectors use a hair dryer on a low, cool setting or canned air (like the kind used to clean computer components) to remove dust. Please DO NOT submerge in water or a soapy water solution, as this may clog the porous material, and cause your collection to become dirtier in the future.

Storing Your Department 56 Village Items
It is recommended that you keep the original packaging that accompanies your Village piece, as the packaging is designed for protection and storage. If your original box has become lost or damaged, it is recommended that you store your piece in a clean, sturdy cardboard box with adequate packing material.

Making Minor Repairs to Your Department 56 Village Items
We recommend Super Glue gel formula as a repair agent. Please be sure to remove all other adhesives before repairing. (Old adhesives can be safely removed by using a hair dryer to soften the old glue.)

Removing a Light Cord That Has Slipped Into a Building
To remove a light that has become lodged in a piece, you may use a needle nose pliers to grasp the metal butterfly clips. Another idea would be to thread a twist-tie (used to seal plastic bag) or thin piece of wire through the butterfly clip of the light, twist the ends together, and carefully remove through the opening of the piece.
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