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With all of its hustle and bustle, this series of hand-painted porcelain buildings and accessories captures the elegance and excitement of a city. Representing some of the nation's diverse and most striking cityscapes, the unusual shops do a brisk business, restaurants and ballparks are crowded with patrons and street vendors cater to a steady stream of customers.

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Study For Nighthawks Item Sku: 4050917

Study For Nighthawks

This accessory is inspired by the renowned American artist Edward Hopper who painted the famous "Nighthawks" painting in 1942. The figures depict Hopper and his wife, standing outside the diner while he sketches the activity of the afterhours diner crowd. Coordinates with item #4050911 “Nighthawks” Introduced 2016.
1.75” x 1.25” x 2.75”H
Christmas Cupcakes Item Sku: 4050916

Christmas Cupcakes

Bella, proprietor and head baker at Bella's Cupcakes offers two young shoppers a sample of her fine cupcake treats. Coordinates with item #4050912 “Cupcakes By Bella” Introduced 2016.
1.75” x 1.25” x 2.75”H

Letters To Santa, City Item Sku: 4050914

Letters To Santa, City

Inspired by a photo taken in the mid-20th century, a friendly policeman is helping a young friend to post his letter to Santa Claus. Exclusive 40th Anniversary Piece! Introduced 2016.
2.25” x 1.25” x 2.5”H
Sidewalk Shoe Repair Item Sku: 4036500

Sidewalk Shoe Repair

Out among the people, this sidewalk repairman offers to fix your shoe while you wait! Introduced 2016.
1.75” x 1.25” x 2”H

Precinct 56 Police Station Item Sku: 4036490

Precinct 56 Police Station

There is law and order in the city because the officers of the 56th Precinct are on duty. This is their station house. Coordinates with item #4036497 “Public Enemy #1” Introduced 2014. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
6 x 6 x 8.25”
Jacobs Pharmacy Item Sku: 4044791

Jacob’s Pharmacy

Where Coca-Cola began! Coordinates with item # 4044796 “The Sign of Good Taste” Introduced 2015. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
8.25” x 5.25” x 7.75”

Checker City Cab Co. Item Sku: 4044789

Checker City Cab Co.

The Checker City Cab Co. was inspired by one of the earliest taxi companies in the United States. Morris Markin, of Chicago, IL owned the taxi service as well as the manufacturing company that built the iconic vehicles. The "bumble bee yellow" color was influenced by the founder of Hertz car rental and today yellow is the most popular color for taxis. Designed to reflect the crowded, bustling city lifestyle, our Checker City Cab Co. has two garage bays, the open one features a taxi that has just been serviced. Trimmed with decorative lights over the doors, there is also a 1930s style lamp to light the driveway. Coordinates with item #4044795 “Checker City Cab” Introduced 2015. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
6.75” x 6.25” x 6.75”
755 Pacific Heights SALE!
Item Sku: 4036494

755 Pacific Heights

Coordinates with item #4036501 “Sold!” Limited Numbered Edition, 2014. Introduced 2014. Uses replacement bulb #99244
4.5 x 5.25 x 9.25”
$100.00 / $95.00   

Swing Town Records Item Sku: 4036492

Swing Town Records

Back in the day when vinyl records were all the rage, this was the place to be! Go in and listen the new tunes! Coordinates with item #4036499 “Swinging Downtown” Introduced 2014. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
3.75 x 4 x 8.75”
Public Enemy #1 Item Sku: 4036497

Public Enemy #1

This accessory shows that crime does not pay! The officer is taking a well-known suspect into custody. Coordinates with item #4036490 “Precinct 56 Police Station” Introduced 2014.
1.5 x 1.25 x 2.25”

Sold! SALE!
Item Sku: 4036501


This conscientious salesman has closed another sale! With all the residences in the village there's always a home or two for sale. Coordinates with item #4036494 “755 Pacific Heights” Introduced 2014.
2 x 1 x 2.5”
The Sign of Good Taste Item Sku: 4044796

The Sign of Good Taste

The local sign maker creates the first Coca-Cola logo sign and reviews it with the owner of Jacob's Pharmacy. Authentic vintage logo decal is displayed on the hand held board. Title inspired by a real Coca-Cola slogan. Coordinates with item #4044791 “Jacob’s Pharmacy” Introduced 2015.
1.5” x .75 x 2.5”
$18.50 / $16.50   

Good Company Item Sku: 4044797

Good Company

A couple of college undergrads enjoy a soda on the street corner. Title inspired by a real Coca-Cola slogan. Coordinates with item #4044791 “Jacob’s Pharmacy” Introduced 2015.
2” x 1” x 2.75”
First Star I See Tonight Item Sku: 4044794

First Star I See Tonight

Star struck bell hop on the red carpet helps a movie starlet by hailing her a cab. Red flocking gives texture to the carpet. Coordinates with item #4044790 “The Grand Hotel” Introduced 2015.
2” x 1.25” x 2.5”

Checker City Cab Item Sku: 4044795

Checker City Cab

Authentic vintage style porcelain cab is a welcome addition for the citizens of Christmas In The City. Coordinates with item #4044789 “Checker City Cab Co.” Introduced 2015.
4.5” x 2” x 2”
Caroling in the City Item Sku: 4044798

Caroling in the City

This foursome can be used as a great coordinated accessory to a church or anywhere in the City. Coordinates with item #4044792 “Church of the Advent” Introduced 2015.
3.25” x 1” x 3”
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