Department 56

Department 56 Dicken's Village Series

Victorian England at the time of Charles Dickens was a center of culture for the world, where many traditions we celebrate today took shape. Charles Dickens loved to walk the lanes and streets of London for inspiration. Let the finely-detailed, hand-painted porcelain lighted buildings and accessories of this seriesinspire your feelings of Christmases past and Christmases yet to come.


E. Tipler, Agent For Wines & Spirits

E. Tipler, Agent For Wines & Spirits SALE!
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E. Tipler, Agent For Wines & Spirits

This lighted porcelain building is a welcome establishment for the local gentry to hoist a pint or two after a hard day's work. Coordinates with #58593 "Our Best Vintage, Sir"
Introduced in 2005
Size: 5.5 x 4.5 x 6.5"

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