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Victorian England at the time of Charles Dickens was a center of culture for the world, where many traditions we celebrate today took shape. Charles Dickens loved to walk the lanes and streets of London for inspiration. Let the finely-detailed, hand-painted porcelain lighted buildings and accessories of this series inspire your feelings of Christmases past and Christmases yet to come.

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Punch and Judy Theatre SALE!
Item Sku: 4036511

Punch & Judy Theatre

Coordinates with item #4036519 “Saturdays With Punch & Judy” Popular since the 1700s, Punch & Judy puppet shows are iconic English entertainment. Punch and Judy headline the cast of characters that include The Crocodile and The Constable. Punch & Judy has its roots in 16th century Italy but was soon popular as a street amusement all over Europe and was a mainstay of Victorian street theatre. In any given show there were somewhere between 8 and 17 characters retelling a series of stories which were always followed by peals of laughter. The adventures of Punch & Judy remain popular in England today. Introduced 2014. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
5.75 x 4.5 x 6.5”
The Six Jolly Fellowship Porters SALE!
Item Sku: 4030360

The Six Jolly Fellowship Porters

Title of this gaslight pub came from the pages of "Our Mutual Friend" by Charles Dickens. This was a fictional pub based on those he frequented and on which real pubs are named today. Fellowship porters were laborers who transported goods by carrying them – fish, fruit, salt, coal. Coordinates with item #4030368 “A Jolly Good Tune” Uses replacement bulb #99244 Gaslight Pubs Series Introduced 2013
5.1 x 4.9 x 6.9"
$90.00 / $85.00   
$85.00 / $80.00   

Evan Hoyt Sponge Dealer SALE!
Item Sku: 4025256

Evan Hoyt Sponge Dealer

Coordinates with item #4025264 “The Sponge Seller” Uses replacement bulb #99244. Introduced 2012.
5.5 x 4 x 7"
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Dickens Village The Neilan Lund Gallery SALE!
Item Sku: 805512

Dickens Village The Neilan Lund Gallery

- Anniversary Edition Coordinates with #807225 "Welcome to Lund's Art Show" Neilan Lund brought a series of drawings to Department 56. His idea was to publish note cards and paper products with images inspired by the words of Charles Dickens from "A Christmas Carol". These drawings inspired another style of lit village made of porcelain, the Dickens' Village Series. Lund presented the initial drawings for the Dickens' Village series to Dept. 56 in 1984. This Anniversary piece is a tribute to Neilan Lund. Replicas of Neilan's actual paintings are in the windows. A special bottom stamp has been added to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Dickens' Village Series. Introduced 2009
6.25 x 4.75 x 7.5"
$85.00 / $80.00   
$90.00 / $85.00   

Berkshire Downs Cricket Club SALE!
Item Sku: 4020186

Berkshire Downs Cricket Club

Inspired by the historic English Cricket clubhouses, the sporty green siding is offset by the bright red curtains. Members can relax on the front porch or view the game from the upper balcony window. Coordinates with item #4020197 “Awaiting the Umpire’s Call”
Introduced 2011
7.6”H x 5.59”W x 5.39”L
The Smoking Bishop SALE!
Item Sku: 4023612

The Smoking Bishop

Set of 2. This Holiday Gift Set is a great value - includes accessory.
Introduced 2011
$80.00 / $75.00   
$89.00 / $80.00   

M. Pickering Finest Persian Rugs SALE!
Item Sku: 805519

M. Pickering Finest Persian Rugs

Coordinates with #807232 "Persian Rugs For Sale". Introduced 2009
6.5 x 4.75 x 7"
Lea Hurst House SALE!
Item Sku: 808869

Lea Hurst House

Coordinates with item #808897 “Florence Nightingale”
Introduced 2010
6.75 H x 5.75 W x 7" L
$80.00 / $75.00   
$95.00 / $90.00   

Regents Park Punt Rental SALE!
Item Sku: 808876

Regent’s Park Punt Rental

Coordinates with item #808904 "An Afternoon on Ice"
Introduced 2010
6.25 x 5.5 x 6.5"
Green Grocer Item Sku: 808856

Green Grocer

25th Anniversary Edition. Coordinates with #808894 “Dickens’ Merchants”. Similar to the original Green Grocer introduced in 1984; a thatched “straw” roof, small diamond-shaped windows, and wrap-around shop window on the main floor.
Introduced 2010
7.1” H x 5.7” W x 7.3” L
$75.00 / $70.00   

Chiswick Brewery Item Sku: 4025254

Chiswick Brewery

Coordinates with item #4025262 “Chiswick Brewboy” Uses replacement bulb #99244. Gaslight Pubs series. Introduced 2012.
Chiswick is the area of London and home to one of England’s largest and oldest brewery, producing some of the best known and respected brands of Britain.
5.75 x 4.75 x 7.25"
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Bluebird Cottage Item Sku: 4020185

Bluebird Cottage

Recalling the historic coastal homes where city dwellers would spend holidays. To keep thatching in place, weights would be tied to the corners of the roof-line. A simple pine sprig wrapped on the door welcome visitors. Coordinates with item #4020196 “Listening For the Ocean”
Introduced 2011
6.1”H x 5.51”W x 5.98”L

Awaiting the Umpires Call SALE!
Item Sku: 4020197

Awaiting the Umpires Call

Coordinates with item #4020186 “Berkshire Downs Cricket Club”
Introduced 2011
2.75”H x 1.5”W x 2.875”L
Carmelized Bacon A Holiday Tradition Item Sku: 4020195

Carmelized Bacon - A Holiday Tradition

A nod to formal gatherings during the holidays, when servers would pass trays of the most wonderful hors d'oeuvres like baked caramelized bacon strips. Coordinates with item #4020184 “Boar’s Bacon & Candied Hams”
Introduced 2011
2.5”H x 1.5”W x 2.625”L
$25.00 / $23.00   

Listening For the Ocean SALE!
Item Sku: 4020196

Listening For the Ocean

How wonderful to spend the holidays near the shores of Great Britain. This detailed accessory features a mother and daughter listening for sounds of the ocean in the seashell. Coordinates with item #4020185 “Bluebird Cottage”
Introduced 2011
2.625”H x 1.5”W x 1.875”L
The Baptism of Charles Dickens SALE!
Item Sku: 4028700

The Baptism of Charles Dickens

Introduced 2012. Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Dicken’s birth. Coordinates with item 4028699 Church of St. Alban
The current Church of St. Alban’s in Portsmouth has the original font used for Charles’ baptism on March 4th, 1812 and is now used is both for actual baptisms and special ceremonies to commemorate Dickens.
2.5”H x 1.5”W x 2”L
$18.50 / $16.50   
$17.50 / $15.50   

Chiswick Brewboy SALE!
Item Sku: 4025262

Chiswick Brewboy

Coordinates with item #4025254 “Chiswick Brewery” Introduced 2012.
Young man brings sacks of hops to be brewed.
1.5 x 1.75 x 2.75"
The Sponge Seller SALE!
Item Sku: 4025264

The Sponge Seller

Coordinates with item #4025256 “Evan Hoyt Sponge Dealer” Introduced 2012.
1.75 x 2.25 x 2"
$15.00 / $13.00   
$15.00 / $13.00   

Sweet Pickings Item Sku: 4030367

Sweet Pickings

This young lass has picked her apron full of ripe red strawberries and is willing to share with anyone who may have some clotted cream. Yum! Coordinates with item #4030356 “Strawberry Cottage” Introduced 2013
1.375 x 1 x 2.5"
Saturdays With Punch and Judy SALE!
Item Sku: 4036519

Saturdays With Punch & Judy

Punch and Judy Puppet shows are usually performed from behind a temporary theater set up on a street corner. The theater folds so the team can easily move to another spot when the crowds disperse. Coordinates with item #4036511 “Punch & Judy Theatre” Introduced 2014
2.75 x 2.5 x 4.25”
$30.00 / $28.00   

A Jolly Good Tune SALE!
Item Sku: 4030368

A Jolly Good Tune

These street musicians look to be having a jolly old time and would look great just outside one of the local pubs in London. They would play for pennies, or sometimes for a pint! Coordinates with item #4030360 “The Six Jolly Fellowship Porters” Introduced 2013
2.875 x 2 x 2.5"
Blindmans Buff SALE!
Item Sku: 4036527

Blindman’s Buff

A popular children's game from Victorian times, Blind Man's Bluff has been played by children all over the world since it was originally called "Copper Mosquito" by children in China several centuries ago. A Christmas Carol Series. Introduced 2014.
4 x 2.25 x 2.75”
$27.50 / $24.50   
$32.50 / $30.00   

Getting the Christmas Yule Log SALE!
Item Sku: 808884

Getting the Christmas Yule Log

Introduced 2010. Getting the yule log is a time honored tradition in England.
3.25 x 1.75 x 2"
Swifts Stringed Instruments Item Sku: 58753

Swift's Stringed Instruments

In Victorian times it was quite usual to play music as a form of evening entertainment. Musical instruments and repairs were done at this local shop where artisans crafted fine violins and other string instruments. Let there be music in the Village! The detailed interior scene shows some of the fine musical wares of this London business.
Coordinates with #58804 "Making Wonderful Music". Introduced 2007
4.75 x 5 x 7.25"
$25.00 / $23.00   
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