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Fisher-Price Fun Factory SALE!
Item Sku: 4036546

Fisher-Price Fun Factory

Combining all the best loved toy designs by Fisher-Price from the past, this building is colorful as well as unique! Introduced 2014, Coordinates with items 4036557 Fisher Price Toys and 4036558 Fisher Price Lil Farmer,
8.27”H x 5.32”W x 8.86”L,

$120.00 / $115.00   


Fisher Price Toys SALE!
Item Sku: 4036557

Fisher - Price Toys

The Rock-A-Stack and the Chatter Phone are two of Fisher-Price's best loved toys. These elf children are lucky enough to test them out for Santa. Introduced 2014, Coordinates with item 4036546 Fisher-Price Fun Factory,
1.38”H x 1.73”W x 2.17”L

$25.00 / $22.50   


North Pole Harley Davidson Shop Item Sku: 4042401

North Pole Harley Davidson Shop

Introduced 2014, Coordinates with items 4042402 Snowbike like a Harley and 4042403 Trike Load of Christmas,
12.6”H x 4.45”W x 6.1”L



North Pole Baby Doll Boutique SALE!
Item Sku: 4036541

North Pole Baby Doll Boutique

A profile look at this lit building will make you smile, it is designed in the shape of a baby buggy, so there's no mistaking what sort of work goes on here! Coordinates with item #4036551 “Sew Perfect” Toyland Series. Introduced 2014. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
4.5 x 4 X 6.5”

$75.00 / $70.00   


Sew Perfect SALE!
Item Sku: 4036551

Sew Perfect

This styling elfette is hard at work getting every detail on this brand new doll's outfit! So chic! Coordinates with item #4036541 “North Pole Baby Doll Boutique” Introduced 2014.
1.75 x 1.5 x 2”

$20.00 / $15.00   


North Pole Hobby Horse Barn SALE!
Item Sku: 4036542

North Pole Hobby Horse Barn

A lucky horseshoe frames the front window of the hobby horse factory. It's the place where hobby horses are designed and built by hand by elves! Coordinates with item #4036552 “Cowboy Kids” Toyland Series. Introduced 2014 Uses replacement bulb #99244.
5.25 x 5.25 x 6.75”

$80.00 / $60.00   


Cowboy Kids Item Sku: 4036552

Cowboy Kids

Giddy-up! Is the perfect way to describe this accessory. Two lucky elves ride 'em cowboy! Coordinates with item #4036542 “North Pole Hobby Horse Barn” Introduced 2014.
2.25 x 1.5 x 1.75”



Tinkers Tiny Home Item Sku: 4036547

Tinker’s Tiny Home

Tinker is one of Santa’s most industrious elves, spinning hard work and elfin magic into toy production throughout the year. Tinker’s Tiny Home is a reflection of the special magic - made of elf whimsy with old world charm. The steep thatched roof is capped with a decorative red thatching, window boxes hold holly plants. The wide front door and open shutters welcome fellow elves to Tinker’s annual Christmas-time party. Introduced 2014. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
4 x 4.75 x 5.75”



The Reindeer Stables Dasher and Dancer Item Sku: 799999

The Reindeer Stables, Dasher & Dancer

Coordinates with items #804451 "Dasher" and #804452 "Dancer"
1st in Series of 4. Introduced 2008
6.75 x 6.25 x 7.25"



Cars North Pole Rally Center Item Sku: 4023616

Cars North Pole Rally Center

Coordinates with items #4023617 “Lightning’s Ready to Race” and #4023618 “Mater Xmas to You, Too” Adapter included.
Introduced 2011



Mater Xmas to You, Too SALE!
Item Sku: 4023618

Mater Xmas to You, Too

Coordinates with items #4023616 “Cars North Pole Rally Center” and #4023617 “Lightning’s Ready to Race”
Introduced 2011
2.25”H x 4.25”L

$30.00 / $28.00   


Lightnings Ready to Race SALE!
Item Sku: 4023617

Lightning’s Ready to Race

Lighting has just been polished and waxed, ready to race! Coordinates with items #4023616 “Cars North Pole Rally Center” and #4023618 “Mater Xmas to You, Too”
Introduced 2011
2”H x 4.37”L

$30.00 / $28.00   


Girls Night Out Item Sku: 808931

Girls Night Out

Coordinates with item #808924 “Ice Breakers Lounge”
Introduced 2010
1.25” H x 1” W x 1.75” L



Zenbolts Handyman Shop SALE!
Item Sku: 808926

Zenbolt’s Handyman Shop

Coordinates with item #809460 “Fixing Frozen Pipes”
Introduced 2010
7.9” H x 7.5” W x 9.8” L

$80.00 / $75.00   


Fixing Frozen Pipes SALE!
Item Sku: 809460

Fixing Frozen Pipes

Coordinates with item #808926 “Zenbolt’s Handyman Shop”
Introduced 2010
2.125” H x 1.25” W x 1.75” L

$17.50 / $13.25   


Jolly Fellow Toy Company Holiday Special SALE!
Item Sku: 4035571

Jolly Fellow Toy Company Holiday Special

With samples of the product crafted in this toy factory, this brightly painted building will look great in your North Pole Village display, or would look great all alone! Coordinates with item 4035572 Jolly Fellows Accessory Set, AC Adapter included, Introduced 2013
7,88”H x 5.32”W x 5.6”L

$89.00 / $66.75   


Jolly Fellows Accessory Set SALE!
Item Sku: 4035572

Jolly Fellows Accessory Set

Set of 3, Coordinates with item 4035571 Jolly Fellow Toy Company, Introduced 2013,
1.25”H x 1.125”W x 1.875”L

$49.00 / $36.75   


Perrys Christmas Poinsettias SALE!
Item Sku: 4025284

Perry’s Christmas Poinsettias

Coordinates with item #4025294 “A Bloomin’ Merry Christmas!” Uses replacement bulb #99244 Introduced 2012.
3.25 x 3.25 x 6.5"
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$50.00 / $45.00   


A Bloomin Merry Christmas SALE!
Item Sku: 4025294

A Bloomin’ Merry Christmas!

Whether you choose pink or red poinsettias, this is the iconic Christmas plant to give and receive each Christmas! Ours will never fade away! Coordinates with item #4025284 “Perry’s Christmas Poinsettias” Introduced 2012.
These two adorable elves show off their poinsettia inspired dresses!
2.75 x 1 x 1.75"

$17.50 / $13.25   


The Santa Palooza Masterpiece SALE!
Item Sku: 4025293

The Santa Palooza Masterpiece!

Creating the perfect sundae is an artistic endeavor for this young elf! Coordinates with item #4025283 “Nana Split’s Ice Cream Parlor” Introduced 2012.
How many scoops of ice cream can elves finish?
2.5 x 2 x 1.75"

$20.00 / $15.00   


Dressing Up With Tink SALE!
Item Sku: 802826

Dressing Up With Tink

Coordinates with #802825 "Tinker Bell's Lighthouse". Introduced 2009
2.25 x 1 x 2"

$22.50 / $16.95   


Too Good To Resist Item Sku: 807239

Too Good To Resist

Coordinates with #805545 "Cocoa Chocolate Works". Introduced 2009
4.75 x 2 x 2.75"



North Pole Nativity SALE!
Item Sku: 4030729

North Pole Nativity

Introduced 2013
2 x 1.7 x 2.3"

$25.00 / $18.75   


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