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Department 56 Snow Village

Welcome to The Original Snow Village. Built with the same traditions and values found in small towns across America, the shops and neighborhoods of Main Street, U.S.A., continue to prosper and grow.


Eds Diner Coca-Cola

Eds Diner Coca-Cola Item Sku: 4035581

Eds Diner Coca-Cola

Snow Village nostalgia at its finest. This piece is trimmed in art deco features, the style of Eds Diner that makes it feel at home in any decade. The famous Coca-Cola saucer on top spins on the pin axis, (not power animated), with a logo decal on each side. UL Light Cord Included, Coordinates with item 4035587 Coke is it! Introduced 2013. Ed's Diner is packed with vintage charm. Officially licensed by Coca-Cola.
6.5H x 6.4W x 7.5L

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