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As war raged between the states in the 1860s, one of the few concepts the North and the South probably agreed upon was the concept of Santa Claus.

To both sides, Santa Claus was second only to baby Jesus, the personification of Christmas itself, as a means of expressing the spirit of the holiday season. He was as popular in the North as General Grant and as popular in the South as General Lee.

Neither side was above using the jolly old elf as propaganda material. In fact, the Harpers Weekly drawings by Thomas Nast were published during this era. Many of these drawings had a pro-Union flavor, portraying Santa Claus as the benefactor of the Union soldier. To this end, even President Lincoln made the observation that Nast, through his use of the Santa character had become the North ‘s “best recruiting sergeant”.

Since the South was without the publishing resources of the North, the Santa image was kept alive primarily through tradition. One can only speculate whether the South could have mounted the manpower and the morale to win if Santa had worn Rebel gray.
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