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An ancient Russian bedtime story, which was often told to children to frighten them into being good, has a cast of characters headed by Dedt Moroz. . . Father Ice.

According to the story, a Siberian woman had a kindhearted stepdaughter and a wicked natural daughter. The good girl was always treated more harshly by her step-mother. One day, in a fit of rage, the step-mother threw the girl out into the cold. Dedt Moroz appeared on his sleigh and, impressed by her kindness “Father Ice” rewarded her with diamonds.

Hearing of this, the step-mother put her own natural daughter into the snow. The wicked young girl galled Father Ice by throwing a tantrum. Father Ice punished the little brat by turning her into a pillar of ice.

This story gradually became associated with Christmas due to the appearance of Dedt Moroz in drawings. His long, white beard and sleigh gave a feeling of Christmas.
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