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St. Nicholas became the patron saint of Russia shortly after he was canonized in the ninth century. some 500 years after his death.

It was 987 A.D. when St. Nicholas’ memory first made news in Russia. Duke Vladimir wished to marry Princess Anna of Byzantium, but the Duke had to publicly accept Christianity in order to win Anna ‘s hand.

He returned to Russia from Byzantium with a portrait of Saint Nicholas and also brought with him the various legends surrounding the life of Saint

Nicholas, including tales of the many miracles reputed to him.

These many legends, passed down to each succeeding generation, gained Saint Nicholas the honor of being recognized as patron saint of such diverse people as sailors, maidens, packers, and even pawnbrokers.

The Russian depiction of Saint Nicholas is generally that of a bearded man, an image which is certainly based on the portrait Duke Vladimir brought from Byzantium.
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