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An ancient manuscript called the "Golden Legend" tells of a man name Nicholas who, while on a ship plying the Mediterranean, asked God to calm a fierce storm. The weather cleared and the ship drifted into the harbor of Myra,  in what is now Turkey. At that time, the elders of the local church were attempting to elect a new bishop. A message from God, in the form of a vision, instructed the elders to select the first man named Nicholas who entered the church to pray after a certain hour. In walked the nearly shipwrecked Nicholas to thank God for his survival. To his surprise, he was then elected Bishop of Myra.

Nicholas was credited with many miracles and good deeds. It was while he was a young boy that the most memorable of these good deeds reportedly occurred. The story involves three young girls from a once wealthy family. 4 Their father could no longer afford to give the girls each a dowry so they could marry. They secretly agreed to draw lots, the loser to sell herself into slavery to provide a dowry for the two lucky ones. The legend has it that Nicholas heard of their plight and made a nighttime visit, dropping bags of gold into their windows. They each had a dowry and one of them was saved from slavery.

As an outgrowth of this legend, French nuns in the twelfth century began making night time visits to poor families with children, leaving fruits and nuts which these families could not afford. The nuns made their gift-giving rounds on St. Nicholas’ Eve, December 5th. The tradition spread through the Old World and then to the New.

The proximity of St. Nicholas’ Day to Christmas eventually melded the two feast days into part of the holiday season.
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