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Surprisingly, the old English Santa Claus of the Victorian Age had less of an origin in St. Nicholas as it did on the continent.

In England, Santa Claus was a composite, embodying the elements and spirit of Christmas as well as the spirit of several pre-Christian legends.

The Victorian English still generally referred to the jo11y old elf as “Father Christmas”. However, he owes many of his roots to the ancient Roman gods such as Saturn who was thought to bring food, wine and good fortune to the  Roman Empire each year, and the Norse gods such as Odin who was known

to roam the skies on a chariot with his long white beard flowing.

Prior to the 1800s, Father Christmas was portrayed in mammoth proportions, a giant in a fur-lined robe and mistletoe headdress. Later, with some help from Clement Moore’s illustrated edition of “A Visit from St. Nicholas” in 1848, Santa began to evolve toward the image we recognize today.

Whereas the Americans preferred to give Santa a rougher, pioneer image in the mid-nineteenth century, the English opted for a more dignified look with 1 clay pipe and elegant costuming.
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