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“Wassailing” is an old English custom similar to proposing a toast to one’s health. That comparison sounds simple, however the custom of Wassailing is much more elaborate than a mere, “Here’s to your good health “.

The word is derived from the Anglo-Saxon “wes-ha ‘1” to be whole. English carolers would carry a large bowl from house to house, hoping their neighbors would fill it with drink. As time passed, the drink associated with the wassail bowl would be hot, spiced ale with toasted apples floating on the surface. Another name for this delicious toddy was “lambs wool”.

Although this custom began in the pre-Christian era, the Church passively adopted it as a means of spreading Christmas good will. By not objecting to the pagan winter custom, the Church effectively gave its blessing and Wassailing became a Christmas tradition.

Recipe: Boil three pints of ale Beat six eggs Add the eggs to the boiling ale Add sugar, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and roasted apples Serve hot and WATCH OUT’
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