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Babouska was the most popular gift giver in Russia when Christmas was an acceptable festivity in that country. She was the “grandmotherly” type traveling with her basket of food and toys. In warm garb with her scarf over her head, she braved the cold of the Russian winter to make her rounds.

Legends relay interesting stories about Babouska beginning with a visit of the Wisemen from the East. When they inquired the way to Bethlehem she purposely misdirected them. Another story tells she refused the Holy Family shelter on the way to Egypt.

The most popular tale tells the first wise man went to Babouska’s place and asked for food and shelter. She was very hospitable; fed him and gave him a place to sleep. In leaving he invited her to travel with him to the Christchild She declined, but said she would come as soon as her house was cleaned and in order. The second and third wise man, in turn, also stopped for food and lodging and each time she declined with the same excuse.

Finally, when Babouska’s house was immaculate, she packed a basket with toys for the baby king and food for her journey. Alas, the wisemen had gone far ahead and she could not find the way.

It is told she returns each year with her basket of gifts and food which she shares with those she meets in her search for the Christ Child.
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